Celigra FarePlay™

CELIGRA offers a new generation real-time airfare search and pricing engine called FarePlay™ - known to be The Smartest Air Travel Itinerary Search, Schedule, Routing, Availability, Tax and Pricing Solution in the world.

FarePlay™ is faster than any other flight search system on the market, can find the cheapest existing flight prices and the most complex flight combinations. FarePlay™ can build any type of pre-calculated airfare cache database with practically unlimited options.

FarePlay™ serves all air travel related companies irrespective of their type of business, size, location, IT infrastructure or technology. FarePlay™ will grow your business without replacing your existing air ticket selling technology.

Clients and Partners

  • moonline
  • softconex
  • atpko
  • airtuerk
  • peakwork
  • mytrip
  • iata
  • oag
  • kiwi.com
  • mystifly
  • pyton
  • claimflights

What our clients and partners say about us

  • softconex
    Absolute experts on ATPCO and all airfare data topics - we have been working on complex tariff related projects and have been able to resolve problems very quickly.
    Holger Haag, CTO
  • moonline
    We have implemented a new generation of airfare search and monitor technology from Celigra. Our clients are now paying less for their air travel and can benefit from price drops at any time with the intelligence we provide them for all their desired itineraries.We are happy users of Celigra's FarePlay™ Instant Search and FarePlay™ Price Alert.
    Rebin Mustafa, Managing Director
  • travel marvelz
    Amazing new technology for the air travel business. Great team of professionals with excellent ideas how to improve any type of airfare related business.
    Fabrice Mode, CEO
    Travel Marvez
  • my trip
    Our business travelers are delighted by the number of options and flexibility we are able to provide them with through Celigra's FarePlay™ Instant Search and FarePlay™ Pricing Cache. We receive great support and innovations from a team of talented industry professionals. Thank you Celigra!
    Galina Boneva, Managing Director
    My Trip