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Holger Haag, CTO


Absolute experts on ATPCO and all airfare data topics - we have been working on complex tariff related projects and have been able to resolve problems very quickly.

Rebin Mustafa, Managing Director


We have implemented a new generation of airfare search and monitor technology from Celigra. Our clients are now paying less for their air travel and can benefit from price drops at any time with the intelligence we provide them for all their desired itineraries.We are happy users of Celigra's FarePlay™ Instant Search and FarePlay™ Price Alert.

Fabrice Mode, CEO

Travel Marvez

Amazing new technology for the air travel business. Great team of professionals with excellent ideas how to improve any type of airfare related business.

Galina Boneva, Managing Director

My Trip

Our business travelers are delighted by the number of options and flexibility we are able to provide them with through Celigra's FarePlay™ Instant Search and FarePlay™ Pricing Cache. We receive great support and innovations from a team of talented industry professionals. Thank you Celigra!

Jakob Völker - Head of Sales and Business Development, Atmosfair


We met Celigra at their stand during ITB in Berlin. We were impressed by their innovative thinking and incredibly fast and smart airfare search engine. Although Celigra is a brand new company on the travel technology market and doesn't sell flights, they are still very much concerned about the environment and willing to help people be more conscious about our planet. As result Celigra has incorporated our CO2 emissions calculator into their FarePlay™ new generation flight&fare search engine. We are very happy to partner with Celigra and trying to make things better for our children.

Dr. Mirko Ulbrich, CEO

Claim Flights

We met Celigra in London at their stand during WTM. We were impressed by the ultra-fast real-time flight search and their innovative approach to solve the problems of the travel industry. We are happy to partner with such young and ambitious company and we believe that together we can make a difference and help companies and individuals.

Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Kniejski, Business Development Accelerator, European Institute of Innovation & Technology


I am supporting this company since a while and I am absolutely delighted to see the progress and especially the commitment of the entire team

Nathalie Powers - Key Account Manager, OAG


Working with start-up companies is both challenging and rewarding and Celigra International is no exception. Seeing how our data was developed to become part of their new generation, one of a kind, flight&fare search engine, is very exciting and a demonstration of how OAG can help take businesses to the next level. It is a pleasure working closely with Celigra's CMO, Ilko Samodivkin, a very friendly and professional individual. I am honoured to collaborate with him and very much looking forward to developing further our business relationship

Stanislav Radkov - CTO, Netpoint Services Ltd


We were approached by Celigra International with a very complex request about speed, flexibility and stability of the supporting hardware. They were very specific about what they expect and what their super smart new generation flight search engine needs in order to become the best such system in the world. We are happy that we could deliver all that has been requested and we are proud to be part of this innovative project that will surely change the looks of the travel industry and make Celigra International the top player there. It is a pleasure to work with these guys and we are really impressed by their work.