Celigra FarePlay™

The FarePlay™ flight search engine serves all companies in the online air travel business irrespective of their type, size, location, IT infrastructure and used technology. FarePlay™ is not a replacement but an addition to any existing airfare selling platform.
Try the FarePlay™ technology live through our demo interface. Request a 30-day free trial for full access and API credentials.

FarePlay™ Instant Flight Search

Our Instant Flight Search is a real-time ultra-fast airfare search and pricing module based on the core FarePlay™ technology. Its main purpose is to find the cheapest flight options for any given itinerary in less than one second. In the same time Instant Flight Search will provide thousands of valid, cheap results for an unlimited number of airlines including different booking classes with prices. Instantly.

By storing the results and making them useable for a second round of searches, refined searches or any kind of filtering through our clients’ online systems, Instant Flight Search gives the necessary flexibility any online travel company would need.

FarePlay™ Instant Flight Search can operate with or without seat availability.

FarePlay™ Instant Airfare Cache

Our Instant Airfare Cache is a new generation flight and fare calculation module with real-time data update capability. Any changes of fares, prices, rules etc. get instantly refreshed by the core FarePlay™ technology serving as the backbone of this product.

Our clients have three methods of obtaining the precomputed airfare data.

FarePlay™ Instant Flex Search

Our Instant Flex Search product gives clients the possibility to obtain priced flight options for multiple dates and airport combinations with a single API request to the FarePlay™ Instant Flight Search engine. This launches a new era in the calendar shopping field which at the moment relies on cache or on very limited number of days real-time.

FarePlay™ Instant Flex Search can return up to +/- 64 days with one API request. It also provides the multi&radius airports feature adding even more value to the client.

FarePlay™ Ancillaries

The FarePlay™ Ancillaries API service can deliver real-time any airline offered data. Multiple types of ancillaries can be requested with a single call to our system saving time and cost to our clients.

FarePlay™ Fare Intel & Repricing

Our Fare intel & Repricing product will provide all necessary information regarding any airfare including price, ticketing, changes, penalties and other rules. The FarePlay™ technology allows us to extract all the historic data for any ticket at any point in time.

FarePlay™ Fare intel & Repricing can also serve as powerful marketing tool for anyone in the air travel business.